Anonymous said: holy shit COWCAT i would love if you did an entire post on her

Well, I would, but…I’m not sure how much is there? It seems like there’s a lot of drawings of anime dudes, done in a fairly faithful, if unoriginal style. A good fifty percent of those are of Vegeta, the resident bad boy of Dragon Ball Z, and a good fifty percent of those are of him, pregnant. So, maybe a hundred and twenty five drawings of an mpreg Vegeta, possibly in a romantic pairing with Goku. Don’t get me wrong, I love the incongruous shock seeing the cruel and stand-offish Vegeta in the position of a vulnerable, loving nurturer (I’m going to guess that’s cowcat44's attraction to it as well), but I'm not sure if there's much more for me to say.

Oh, but now that I’ve examined her profile, it looks like she’s requested that people don’t repost her art work. So, time for that one to come down. Whoops! Anyway, if you guys are interested in seeing pregnant Vegeta, go check out her gallery!

chevreaux said: hi! just wanted to say that i love this blog and i really enjoy how you don't attack or criticize these artists like many "bad/weird art" blogs do. just pure appreciation for odd & bizarre art

Thanks! Yeah, I never quite understood some of these “bad art” blogs would spend so much time looking at stuff they hate. Just admit to yourself that you actually like this kind of stuff. It’s cool to like things.

Paw in Both Worlds by StefianitheWolf

The finest of Deviant Art.

Some images are super for adults only.

If you made something that's on here and you think it doesn't belong, just drop me a line. I only put work on here that elicited a genuine response from me as a viewer, and in that sense is true art.

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