Anonymous said: some of your comments give off the impression that you're also an artist -- i'd love to see some of your work. is there anywhere one could go to see your art?

It’s true, I am an artist, if you include crappy artists as a subset of artists. 

I’m mostly a comics artist. You can check out my thrice a week webcomic here and my personal art tumblr here. In truth, neither of them are as influenced by true deviance as I would like them to be. I need to get weirder.

A Pregnant Umbrella by me

Anonymous said: yay!!! you featured my work!!! I love this blog sooo much and it is an honor to finally be selected :) I would love to hear what you think of my stuff! (though recently, it's been all commissions) --binge-chan

Hi binge-chan! In general, I would say that I really enjoyed your gallery. I like the soft lighting that you have, especially in your traditional media works, that I think work especially well with subject matter of weight gain and chubby people. It accentuates the softness that I associate with fat; it works, I think. Similarly, your choice of color works well, restrained. Your works seem to have a genuine tenderness in them for their subjects, which I find quite charming. Keep up the good work!

Girlfriend Sequence by binge-chan

The finest of Deviant Art.

Some images are super for adults only.

If you made something that's on here and you think it doesn't belong, just drop me a line. I only put work on here that elicited a genuine response from me as a viewer, and in that sense is true art.

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